With the emergence of the COVID-19 vaccine, many people began to see the light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. While it will still take a while to get everyone vaccinated, there is hope that people can return to the things they love and miss. They will be able to visit with family and friends, go to the store without masks, and gather at sporting events, concerts, movies, and more.  

While many Americans are excited about the vaccine, some are still unsure if they want to take it and have valid questions and reservations about its safety, effectiveness, and cost. In this blog, we hope to answer some of those questions and provide trusted information and sites that you can visit to get more information. 

First of all, the vaccine is FREE to everyone. You do not have to have any health insurance to receive the vaccine, and it is free no matter where you go to get your vaccine. 

Secondly, some people have concerns about how quickly the vaccine made it to market.

Additionally, there are concerns about side effects. While there are some side effects to this vaccine, just like any medication or other vaccines, they are mild, and the most common include the following:

The side effects usually only last about 24 hours.

There are also some concerns about allergies.

The vaccines contain mRNA, which tells your body to produce the antibodies needed to fight off Covid-19, salt, sugar, and fat. It does not have:

Once it uses mRNA and no longer needs it, your body will get rid of it. 

Other Concerns:
There is lots of folklore going around about the vaccine on social media and the internet, and these claims are not valid. You may hear things such as: 

If you still have questions or are unsure about the vaccine or how it will affect you, please consult with your doctor. You can also speak to someone who has had the vaccine and use credible sites to do additional research. 

Supplies of the vaccine are limited, and both Florida and North Carolina have developed phases based on CDC guidance that they are working through to make sure that everyone who wants a vaccine receives one. 

Until the majority of people get vaccinated, the individuals we serve, our families and others in our community, as well as ourselves, will be in danger of contracting COVID-19 with the possibility of severe symptoms. Getting the Vaccine is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19. CBC will also continue to share information from trusted sources to help keep you informed about the vaccine and when you may have the opportunity to get the shot yourself. Keep an eye on our social media pages, our website, and regular emails for more information. 

https://files.nc.gov/covid/documents/COVID-19-Vaccine-Update.pdf- NC FAQ






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