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CBC Suncoast New Options

A person-centered approach to intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) services is what you can expect with CBC Suncoast New Options. From our leadership to our employees, our combined experience and continuing education make us strong. This enables us to consistently do our best for our clients and their families by combining our evidence-based training with the goals of the people we serve.

Founded in 1996, we set into motion with the personal beliefs that individuals cannot fail at living in the community when they are offered the supports they need. Nearly 25 years later, we’ve grown and are proud to be able to assist even more of our Florida community!

I/DD Services in Florida by CBC Suncoast New Options

Florida I/DD services and supports, tailored to your needs.

We provide our Florida community with a gamut of I/DD services and supports that range from respite to residential habilitation to supported employment services. This allows us to support just your day or your years to come! Many of our services also incorporate fun community activities that are also beneficial to our clients in a variety of ways!

Working with our clients and their families to allocate resources like iBudget and Medicaid waivers and also private pay services is part of what we do. We’re happy to answer any questions to help get your services underway.

Please see our ADT and group home visitation policy here:

I/DD Services:

  • Behavior Analysis Services
  • Behavior Assistant Services
  • Behavior-Focused Residential Habilitation
  • Life Skills Development Level 1 (Companion Services)
  • Life Skills Development Level 2 (Supported Employment)
  • Life Skills Development Level 3 (Adult Day Training)
  • Personal Supports
  • Respite
  • Standard Residential Habilitation
  • Supported Living Coaching
  • Transportation

Community Activities:

  • Pizza Parties!
  • Cookouts!
  • Theme Park Trips!
  • Cruises!

We were founded in 1996.

Our agency served over 300 individuals in 2019.

We are currently serving individuals in 3 of the 6 Florida regions.

Many of our services also incorporate fun community activities.

CBC Suncoast Locations in Florida

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- Brad

Caring, compassionate, concerned, and capable . . . need I say more!

As one of the largest providers in the market we serve, CBC is able to ensure a depth of service delivery that better supports the diverse needs of our I/DD community. Each agency in our family has long been rooted in its local communities which creates a culture of familiarity, understanding, and opens up our network for activities and employment opportunities.

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